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The second part of the page is a book review of a French book by a couple who during their out-of-the-body experiences could talk freely with a soul during the process of pregnancy of its mother-to-be.

: One could write a book about the concepts and experiences people have about God.

I was born in 1959, and I went through life of study and self-exploration.

I have had many spiritual experiences that have widened my awareness about life, the cosmos, Self and many other subjects.

Never accept the established doctrines at face value.

Find out for yourself if what someone else wrote is true of not.

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It explains the cosmos in terms of seven levels of consciousness that can be experienced first-hand.

Everything has been and still is present inside yourself.

All you have to do is to become aware of what is inside of you, to become aware who you are.

: This page is about the process of incarnating, during the entire period of pregnancy, seen from both the mother's side and the incarnating soul.

First you will see how Carol's experienced the conception, pregnancy and birth of her son, expressing it visually in the form of a series of pastel paintings.

The Energetic Landscape of Earth: an overview of Richard Leviton' visions of the parallel reality of energetic structures, energy lines and cosmic beings here on Earth, shaping a reality that not only influences our consciousness, but with which we can interact.

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As a result, when the work gets remade in a new, less restrictive media (such as TV to film, or anime to manga), the creator can restore what was cut before, with the advantage that this time, the content is properly integrated with the story.… continue reading »

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